Success Racist

by Graham Repulski

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Recorded 2013-2014 at Successful Studios
Mastered by Todd Tobias



released September 1, 2015

All songs written, recorded, and sung by Mr. Graham Repulski



all rights reserved
Track Name: Octopus Bribes
When I left the navy
And threw away the gravy
You nursed my erection
In our house of corrections
It was alright

Waving an iron lung at the umpires
So they will worship you every grand hour

And it will sink in
Like octopus bribes
No better or worse than
You have to curse them
So let it begin
Arrive at a sin
No longer beseeching
They're happy and reaching in

I detect an earache
And mercy from the beer maids
In Butt Town
You say I'm demented
But, honey, you're a damp squib
And I love you

And all the mountains we've learned to run from
Linger and get backlogged in the sweet scum
Track Name: Crying Machine Shakes The Moon
When you unwrap the defective toys
Do you arrive at the same old exit I admit I've yet to unlearn?
It's not a nice dream or pretty noise
If I could sing I would sound something like "Ironmen"

An incision not perfect but, holy shit, did it cut like the angriest joke
When it's wheels spin around you can only sit and let it hit you
And you taste it so much you could choke

Crying machine shakes the moon
Of the pink balloons
That I once sold you
And now they own you

Ask me if I've had enough
Of the tuneless stuff
That hangs from your lips
And owes us some regional hits

And counting backwards from suicide
She keeps a trunk filled with human hides
And all I wanted was paradise
For a while
Track Name: I Shot An Arrow In The Air
Oh to be out
Chances rolling along
In and out of
Champion hogties
I'm peeling off the skin
With my regurgitated
Tapeworms dangling
From the pig pile
Hissing black
Don't let me expire

(I shot an arrow and it wasn't even close)

Pretty vision
Shit decision
What do you think of them now?
Father mapped out
His incisions
To cut the universe
The universe snaps back
As I was walking
Around the outline
Sketchy limbs of flesh
Are baptized

An old man does not sit down
A child shits in peace

"Can we stay here until my songs are over?"
(Just fire away):
Exposed to the sun
I am defanged and spayed
I've got a ticket to run
I shot an arrow today
Track Name: Of Limb And Life (A Compact History)
Please have a placement
This is the end now
Also inverted an entire schedule
Sulking from the depression

Read it, know it, like it!
Tag it and drop it off
Track Name: Should Ended
When the ass has bared its tacky fangs
Should have slapped it when I had the chance
Listing lowlights on your trip to heaven
I don't see him on your crooked guest list
There's a psychic shit out of luck
And he will drive the licorice truck
"Will the sun rise?"
"Wait, I think I know this"
Callously implicit in the mix
And in the drug consumption room
You know we're not going to change our tune, so carry on...
Track Name: Peroxide Theatre
I wrote it all down
For all the world to see
Hung it 'round my neck:
"I am a man who can/can't be trusted. I've done all sorts of things"
Track Name: James Run
Finicky winds
Replace the mind
But you nor I've
Attracted flies
Elliptic jibs
Of alecs wise
The salty floe
Of bad advice

Wormed by luck
Or prattling gnats
Before you go
Release the bats
Because in hindsight
They led us stray
They busily buzz
With nothing to say

Where did you go in the "James Run"?
What did you know? Who did you tell?
Where did you go? What did you do
In the "James Run"? What did you knew?
Track Name: Planned Blackouts
That's me
In black out
Don't need me now
Let's not be late
For tone poems
From unthinking men

As they attempt to sell you:
"Emote, slow down, eye contact, and happy face"

And I will run
And come back
To wait for you
The imp god
From springing leaks

Our devotions dying
In hams of will
Where I conceived my
Planned blackouts
Track Name: Former Certainties Ending In Doubt
Certainties ending in doubt
Silences beckoning shouts
Awkward, as fan-fiction goes

Unbox the ears of the pig
Polish the apple with shit
To be the fanner
Or the flame?

I am the bearer of the debt
I am the baker of the meth
My inanition grows wings
Inside your emotional sink

Champions of boyhood, don't fear
Feelings unrealized and queer
My inanition grows wings
Inside your emotional sink

Champions of boyhood unite
Every move dripping with spite
Slightly less than you had hoped
But just enough to make you choke
Track Name: Untilted
They shot his movie
They fed him to the angels


With pupils drooping
Kid vintage slicks his dumbo

(Green Acres)
Track Name: White Soul Composition (Gas Mix)
Blind bird: Did you have a lot to say?
Or did you wait around to say it?
Mouths away
Tush to touch
Christs to clutch
There's always a job to do

Meet Pete, probably on his final leg
To suffer strange arrangements
Soul king, dark as day
But in my mind (You want it to)
It's running all the time (They'll eat you up)
Dimed by snitch (They'll read the wheel)
Devil may bitch (You want it, too)
Track Name: Funeral Games
Faring well, I fly tonight
In our short skirts, we were kings
Years go by and now we're dead
In our humble coats
No use for their stingy hearts
Pumping blue with superblood
Bitching in their flying cars
No one's flapping to the deadbeat

We're all going to crack
Sissy won't be back to pack the 'lac
Track Name: Gallant Bluffing
So they say good-bye to dum-dum boy
Light the camera's eye
I am the enlarged head on call
I give you to white
Undivided and with no one to know
An open superfuck for slow man and co.
About that night: We make mistakes
In spite of the alms we bestow
In jealous songs, we make our way
Through the bloodbath of our birthday cakes
Track Name: In Waves
I beg for some leg
I will cry amongst the dregs
I've seen the naked queen
I will comply with the unclean

And don't get your ass all caught up on
The lengths they will go to crawl through the sieve
I was planning a run
I was planning to notice
Now she's dead

Trumpets weep, babies sleep
In perfect skies, on refuse heaps
If I combust, slake the bloodlust
I'll get you high, plenty flossed

But don't get your ass all caught up on
The lengths they will go to hurt and deceive
I was planning a run
I was planning to notice
Now she's dead

And I want you to kill my mind
And I want you to kill my mind
I don't want you to kill me
And I want you to kill me

But it's late
I'm afraid I'll make it back
I come in waves