Portable Grindhouse

by Graham Repulski



Coming soon!


released April 8, 2014

Mastered by Todd Tobias; cover artwork and layout by Shawnelle; inner artwork and design by Aaron Myerson



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ricky (Time After Time)
After time
Watch it bleed
Watch it shiver
And it cuts
Like the lies
And it slithers
Through my bones
Uh oh oh

And now the dancing dogs
Are barking out of time again

Everything is free and wild
When I'm loaded like a child
Everything is free and wild
Track Name: I Shot An Arrow In The Air
Oh to be out
Chances rolling along
In and out of
Champion hogties
I'm peeling off the skin
With my regurgitated
Tapeworms dangling
From the pig pile
Hissing black
Don't let me expire

(I shot an arrow and it wasn't even close)

Pretty vision
Shit decision
What do you think of them now?
Father mapped out
His incisions
To cut the universe
The universe snaps back
As I was walking
Around the outline
Sketchy limbs of flesh
Are baptized

An old man does not sit down
A child shits in peace

"Can we stay here until my songs are over?"
(Just fire away):
Exposed to the sun
I am defanged and spayed
I've got a ticket to run
I shot an arrow today
Track Name: D-Beat At Dawn
Fall out of bed and she's sinking there
With all a sorry child can bear
The smoking gun she tried to hide
The need to read your eyes
Spill out the magnetic death cake clothes
Attracting the vampire that I suppose
Believed in you gently but now I run
From every intention that came undone
And it's unreal. I tell the story.
But by and large, they'll see what I see
It's not the way that you shine me up
But it's ok. They're coming for you.
And we'll all laugh it up, because you're a joke
I'm looking out. "There is no one inside"
I shout from the bottom of the valley of the slobs
Track Name: The Ass Galleries
Onward to empty rooms
Track Name: Uncle X
You could scream and you could shout
You could pull your insides out
You could fill them up with doubt
Making every baby cry
Getting only half as high
Taking more than was prescribed
Feeling quite unrecognized
Track Name: Sift (Pull)
Do you want to run
And crush out all the allies
Or leave it up to me?
Flossing an empty attire
Bagpuss, I'm a liar
Track Name: A Free Thinker Is Satan's Slave
It was his best shot
It was his worst half-assed gasp
Rolling on some higher high
Miles from heaven
Track Name: Chainsaw Lollipop
Get me pinned
Get me punctured
Give me the shot
Shifting winds
Kissing the clutter
Of memory rot
And happy? Yes.
The god queen
Is impressed
Get in quick
Cuz she don't laugh a lot

It's not for the angels when they sing
Cuz they have lopped off their own wings
When hearing the photographs, half-stoned
And deep in the sagging bags of laughing men
Enrapt with their own wasted skeletal melodies, half-sung

Taking chainsaws to the children
We've collected. Now we fill them
With unconditional
Disappointed shrugs

The drugs will begin to take effect
On the limbs we misdirect
But after the brain has been exposed
Where the fidgeting ex-gods hide
They scatter like rats to their lonely hives
Below, oh