Cop Art

by Graham Repulski



released April 23, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Marathon #1
When the bombs explode,
don't wake me
To you I'm faking
Paper babies in the giant pen of humans
They are useless animals
Take the seeds and sew them
I don't know them, so I blow them
Fill the crock with stumbling blocks
And bring them a cup of smoke
Track Name: Smile Across Your Legs
We could smash guitars
Or I could blow the brains
A nervous swan in a pig suit
Is sleeping nights awake
You could sell your soul
I don't believe a thing that you say
We'll laugh until the joke is old and gray
Or throw it away

And if you find yourself
In preening scum parades,
Awaiting bones from batmen
Who'd suck the blood from slaves,
By kissing after pricks
Who don't believe a thing that you say
Well, laugh until the joke is old and gray
Or throw it away
Track Name: Land Of Onions
Pinworm Superman
Bastard cavity on fire
Lockwood dresses down his dreams
And creams
I was about to bite my tongue
And then the scavenger opinions shuffled in
Compounding normal-eyes
Projected on the things they had been
Track Name: Repulski
The slums I'm in these days...
Idiots and hiccup pop
On radios in pick-up trucks
Posters hanging on the wall for us
With better games to play
Come better babes to break
With better babes to break
Come mistakes to make
We'll shift into the night
Black star's a gas
I'm painting maniacs...
Track Name: Rip Van Winkle
I(see) chicks and disco bricks
Is this the great apology?
Cosmic psychos in puked-up dayglo
It's the perfect execution drone
Of old scores with employers
The daydream destroyers
Thinking only of how to get me
After the slit is sewn
After the sin is gone
Haven't you been alone?
Track Name: Misguided Attempts At Pretending To Care
Inside us lurks corroded hearts of blackened waste
We'll settle up our cigarettes and eat her face
I want to come to the party

What you don't know is all a lie
Come gladder days: the sad and kept arise
Track Name: Vanity Tentacles
I am not the lexicon of serious new toys and watercolored shits
Bring me a proper drink full of triumphant nonsense
Track Name: Boilerplate Knockouts
Call off the firemen
The maggot queens
Are pulling rat traps from the skinny of his jeans

And oh, the lonely actors had to die
Their eyes no longer targets in the sky
And it's sad when you wish for a lie

So much to work out, so much to sell
To disarm demons with demos deep in hell
He's pins and needles, he's walking dead
He's fucking boilerplated knockouts in his head
Track Name: Heavy Sugar
Heavy heavy meds - will you come back to me again?
Track Name: Why I Don't Believe In Anything
This (as a last request): Show up drunk to your own death and rot alone

What a time to break the ugly ranks
Of every nicotine encrusted fake
I'm not alright, I'm not alright

Lives have been cast away
Into the arms of every whore
Young as yesterday
Now we're old and in the way
So it goes

Like babies when we first commit and plunge
Into the angry void we will become
I'm not alright, I'm not alright
Track Name: L.A. Grunge
She has begun to see what I've come to see
In organized landmines of perfect anxiety
Spontaneous ruts have flooded the anthills
Of everyday wives and the junkies who love them
And now I'm alone, and can't even write this song
And now I'm alone, and can't even right this wrong

I am the truth strangled in history
I have begun to see what I want to see
Stuck in la grunge, the pimpled erection
His glittering prize is his own reflection
And I have begun to see what I want to see
Track Name: Man Of Wax
To be real, or to
Cop a feel
The chicks have hoisted new bags
I buried them en masse
The suicidal songs are riding
Waves of interesting death
Sing me another drag
Smoke the zeroes
Pass the sad
And we'll fool them all again
Track Name: Occasional Hectoring (Crucial Vacuum)
Having a blank reflection
I said to myself: "Be armed from the moment you turn it on,
And willing to fool yourself."
With the eyes of child
And the mouth of a drunk